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Line one - Madamoiselle Alienant x 4 Melts  

Line two. - Madamoiselle Angelina x 4 melts

Line three - Madamoiselle Millionairess x 4 melts

All frarances are inspired by Alien, Angel and Lady Million ladies fragrances.

Ladies Inspired Fragrance gift box 12 x Melts 90g

    • Check oil burner is not damaged in any way, remove all labels and packaging from the burner prior to use.
    • Do not use scented or Maxi tea lights in oil burner.
    • Place oil burner in a stable upright position
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended
    • Keep burner away from reach of small children.
    • Keep in site and always place away from flammable materials
    • Place on a temperature safe surface during use.
    • Do not burn for more than 20 minutes.
    • Do not move the oil burner during use.

    We recommend you snap with hands or slice safely into 4 pieces diagonally (pie shape), then place once piece on top of the oil burner dish, electric warmer or ceramic. Place your tea light underneath safely in the middle, Light tea light underneath and enjoy the aromas of your scent. Once the scent has gone, replace with a new piece or add to the dish. Watch our how 2 video for directions. All fragrance oils are luxury high scented and are from within the UK. All products are handmade.

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