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Gallery of journey so far

The very beginning in 2021 my first delivery from a uk suppler, i cannot tell you how excited i was receiving this delivery. It was like Christmas, and i still love recieving the deliveries with gorgeous sell of fragrance oils.

In mid 2021 i came accross a product on Youtube, a fantastic english lady her channel is claires corner if mind seres me right and i watched and watched, made notes, then ordered moulds and supplies to have a go. Eco Friendly in mind all natural materials water based, i had the most amazing fun time playing with colours and swirls and gold leaf, see below and look out for Trinket trays, Tea Light holders, pots, Coasters that will be on offer in the shop.

Completely inspired and absolutley loving my new creative side i decided i wanted to learn how to design and make labels and use Vinyl with a cricut Machine, ans so i learnt new skills with use of a heat press. Adapting my skills and bringing ew ones to the table i decided i wanted to be as resourceful as possible and do as much as i can on the tight budget starting out. my Heat press caled the beast.

2021 - August 2023 Test Burning Gallery:

Below you will see my jesmonite pot that i tested to see if it would sustain the temperatures and sadly it did not. but ideal for a decorarve bowl or key holder etc. Having explored the Karen 30cl Jars i absolutley loved playing with the design of the and creating a marble effect, at the very beginning i honestly did not know how to wick until alot of testing and a lot of reseach i understood the science behind it all. Having played with container wax for thevessels i then made my first 3 Plllar candles see below, i absolutley loved the lion face once. Bust due to the thoroughness of my testing and holding down a full time job, the testing is always ongoing, testing new scents and colours and vessells. My first candle launch will be coming soon. elow are just a few exmples of testing.

Easter 2023 - Reed diffuser - Testing

Well oh my, i absolutley loved testing my first fragrance oil. heres a few snippets, Testing is still ongoing and i looking at different jars and reeds.

17/08/2023. - Room Sprays - Testing

Coming Soon.

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