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About Us

Welcome to Melanie Jayne Candle Co a brand that has been born through the Global pandemic, a hobbie turned small business.

Working from home full time certainly brought its challenges, during the Covid 19 Global Pandemic and like most people i loved learning new skills and being creative.

I was bought a hamper as a gift and i wondered if a hamper business would be a good business idea especially if it could be personalised.  I started to research hamper making businesses and watched numerous videos.  I came accross how to make wax melts and candle tutorials. i wondered on the cost of making them and if it would be more business vible to make the items myself rather than purchase from suppliers.

I liked the look of candle making and wax melt making so i bought a few home making starter kits and well  the rest is history.

I completed my Business Candle Making Diploma in February 2023.  I recomend this to anyone considering setting up a candle/ wax melt business.  I have spent the last two years researching and testing thoroughly ensuring that i am covering the health and safety requirements as a candle business owner.  I have a rigorous testing process to ensure the quality and safety of my products meet the British Candle Federation standards within my Test burning process.

I enjoy making beautiful luxurious products all made with high scented quality  cruelty free fragrance oils and high quality eco friendly supplies.

I absolutely love working with fragrance oils and wax, it is a joy to make beautiful itms that my customers love.

Through my market research process, the feedback has been fantastic, it really makes me happy in what i do.  All waxes are vegan friendly and 100% natural Soy and Beeswax.  All products are suited to all customer clientele and at affordable prices. 


Melanie Jayne - Owner

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